Slide 00/07 - 5 October 2022 - Visit of the La Ferte-sur-Chiers work - 11/10/2022 updated


Memory of men and places

1 - LOCATE the work

1/200,000 Michelin map, Google Earth (logo cliquable) et WikiMaginot map (vectorized map; Autodesk DWF viewer) allow you to locate the work in 2D with clickable logo.

2 - RECREATE the 3D surface of the work in its environment

In 2022, INDUSTRIE vs4.0 tools and techniques offer the possibility to build LA FERTÉ-SUR-CHIERS work blocks 1 and 2 digital twins by photogrammetry.

The shots are made from
- an autogire "Autogyro MTO Sport 2017": photographer holds a digital camera (Nikon D750, intervalometer) pointed at the point of Interest (center of the block) while the pilot keeps at best (wind) on a circular hippodrome by observing the POI and a GPS in Egnos differential mode whose screen presents the real time position on the racetrack created with Google Earth;
- a drone "DJI Mavic Pro" (DGAC recording): flight in autonomous mode, in view of the telepilot (DGAC license, insurance); Makes photos every second with camera on Hippodrome created with mission preparation GS Pro and Google Earth on iPad. Agisoft Metashape software assembles the photos (2/3 recovery) to give a digital twin of good resolution (2 hours). Only the twins (autogire, drone) of block 2 were made on 05/10/22.

3 - PRESENT the interior of the work with its systems (radio and wired links, armaments, ventilation)
In this block 2 work Maginot presentation, the tools and techniques of the Building Information Management allow you to take and use 360°x 180° panoramics photos (camera Ricoh Theta X ordered via WiFi by iPhone) to create a virtual visit (user manual) and make it evolve (photos, information) with the help of a specialized paid platform (Klapty). 12 360°x 180° panoramics photos remain to be done.
The rest of the floor plans (choice of 360°x 180° panoramics photos to visualize) is mounted in a slideshow in HTML format, easy to develop (number of floor plans, information).

VS in french

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