2016 (1) - 2017 (19) - Présentation synthétique de 20 Drones for good en compétition à Dubaï (EAU) - MVP, POC, B2B, B2C
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Suite à leur présentation à Dubaï, les Drones for good peuvent être qualifiés de MVP (Minimum Viable Product; terminologie d'Eric Ries) bénéficiant ou non d'une POC (Proof Of Concept) via le B2B (Business To Business) ou le B2C (Business To Consumer); cette terminologie permet d'en préciser le stade de développement.


2016 - "Winner" - Loon drone (drone qui plonge) - MVP base drone = quadcopter DJI (Phantom 4):"The Loon Copter is mainly an enabling technology. Potential applications include underwater search, environmental monitoring and above and underwater structure inspection, while domain experts in marine biology and other research and application domains could benefit from such a versatile vehicle"
Aerial-Surface-Underwater Reconnaissance Drone
Oakland university

AVY - VTOL UAV 4 tilt-rotors


2017 - 01/19 - Avy Rescue drone - MVP base drone = hybrid drone = VTOL UAV 4 tilt rotors = AVI: "a self-flying aircraft purposely developed to support to search and rescue (SAR) missions at sea and other not easily accessible areas."
Avy Rescue


2017 - 02/19 - Bio Carbon Engineering drones - MVP base drones = Sensefly (eBee PLus), SABRE (Sky3D), SABRE (HL6 avec Lidar Faro): "BCE proposes an autonomous aerial planting system to enable industrial scale reforestation."
BioCarbone Engineering
UAV - Canadian forestry sector
Drone Sabre


2017 - 03/19 - 4 Right2Life drones - MVP base drone = hexacopter ???: "The project intends to have a team of aerial drones cooperatively aiding a rescue autonomous surface vessel (ASV) in permanently monitoring and tracking the most problematic migrant routes."
Drones 4Right2Life
Migrant Offshore Aid Station
Drones étanches Quad H2O


2017 - 04/19 - SAR drone - MVP base drone = quadcopter ???: "In this project, we have developed a new technique that allows search and rescue teams to detect and locate victims and possible survivors through their mobile phones and smart devices."
Drones for Search and Rescue
UAE College of Information Technology


2017 - 05/19 - FINDER drone - MVP base drone = EST: "FINDER is a human detection system built to identify human heartbeats and breathing rates and assist in locating individuals wherever they may be." ..."The FINDER drone hovers over the area that requires scanning while a gimbal holds the sensors in place."
FINDER drone
EST - Emirates Sensing Technologies
Microwave Sensor Module de Sharp
Microwave Sensor Module de IbTimes


2017 - 06/19 - FIREFLY drone - MVP base drone = quadcopter ???: "FIREFLY is an Artificial Intelligence and computer vision platform that allows a drone to autonomously and efficiently navigate through apartments in search of stranded people. It has zero prior knowledge about the apartment it enters, and traverses through its environment with extremely minimal outside help."
FIREFLY : AutoNomous AI Computer Vision Drone For Rapid Evacuation of Apartments
UAV Asctec
Computer vision


2017 - 07/19 - Skycart drones - MVP base drone = hexacopter ???, POC => B2B "La Poste" en Suisse: "Skycart uses self-flying delivery drones which up to 60 per cent more efficiently than current shipping methods."
Home Delivery Drone


2017 - 08/19 - IntelliDrones - MVP base drone = quadcopter ???: "In this work, we develop a working prototype, called IntelliDrones, which is a fully automated intelligent management system for drone fleet."
Intelligent Drone Fleet Management with AutoNomous Inductive Charging
Masdar institute
Smart sustainability research


2017 - 09/19 - Mine Kafon Drone - MVP base drone = hexacopter ???: "Mine Kafon Drone : an airborne demining system developed to clear all land mines around the world in less than 10 years."
Mine Kafon Drone
Mine Kafon>


2017 - 10/19 - East Hawk – Tethered drone - MVP base drone = quadcopter DJI (Phantom 3, 4): "The multi-perspective constant aerial surveillance system (M-CASS), which can overcome the limited mission time (~20min.) of conventional battery-based aerial robots, is our new proposal for disaster search and rescue."
Multi-perspective Constant Aerial Surveillance (Tethered Drone + Wireless Charging Drone)
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
FORTUNE.COM - drone-flies-wireless-power
JOURNAL DU GEEK.COM - ce-petit-drone-arrive-a-voler-sans-batterie


2017 - 11/19 - Nokia Saving lives - MVP base drone = quadcopter ???: "One of the most immediate and significant impacts of natural disasters is the sudden and wide-scale breakdown or interruption of communications infrastructure. » « The Nokia Savings Lives innovation using drones brings instant communication service allowing uninterrupted rescue work."
Nokia Savings Lives
NOKIA.COM - nokia-saving-lives
FORTUNE.COM - drone-flies-wireless-power
JOURNAL DU GEEK.COM - ce-petit-drone-arrive-a-voler-sans-batterie


2017 - 12/19 - Customizable drone – Parking operator - MVP base drone = quadcopter ???: "Our project is a proposed solution customised for hot countries: utilising a flying drone with a Long Range RFID reader that can detect a salik card (the Dubai toll gate system RFID card) in order to indicate the vehicle’s payment and management of parking."
Parking Operator and Traffic Control Drone for High Temp Countries
RFID JOURNAL.COM - RFID-Reading Drone Tracks Structural Steel Products in Storage Yard


2017 - 13/19 - Sa3ed - MVP base drone = hexacopter ???: "Our idea is to equip drones with both remote controlled launch mechanisms and thermal cameras, in order to: - propel various items into the danger zone, including special purpose fire extinguishing grenades; or surrogate drones to scan the surrounding and send crucial information to the command center - provide more accurate information to the command center (people heat signatures. live video feeds, etc)."


2017 - 14/19 - Sanat smart ring - MVP base drone = hexacopter ???: "The Sanad Smart Ring will fly itself to a drowning victim as an emergency response. The Ring will be infused with drone technology within its body. Electronics and smart chipsets that will run through its foam body will enable features such as GPS positioning and radio communication with tablets, computers and transmitters."
Sanad Smart Ring
Sanad Academy


2017 - 15/19 - Smart oil-spill solution - MVP base drone = quadcopter ???: "The product is aimed at reducing the damage to marine ecosystems after an oil-spill has occurred by optimising the process of oil spill containment and clearance."
Smart Oil Spill Solution Using Drones
Birla Institute of Technology and Science - Pilani, Dubaï, Goa, Hyderabad


2017 - 16/19 - Spider drone - MVP base drone = quadcopter ???: "we have developed "Spider Drone" a bio-inspired aerial robot that is able to stabilize itself in windy conditions and perch at high altitude for extended periods of time to carry out inspection tasks precisely and at ease."
Spider Drone
Imperial college London


2017 - 17/19 - TwingTec Wing Energy 2 - MVP base drone = quadcopter ???: "The Twing, short for tethered wing, is automatically deployed from a ground station and is able to harness the energy of the wind hundreds of meters above the ground. In comparison to a conventional wind turbine, no tower or foundation is required, so significantly less material is needed to produce a given amount of energy."
Twingtec - Wind Energy 2.0


4 Frontrobotics - VTOL UAV Navig8
4 Front robotics - VTOL UAV Navig8 2 tilt-rotors

2017 - 18/19 - Urban SAR drone – 4 front robotics - MVP base drone = hybrid drone = VTOL UAV 2 tilt rotors = 4 Front Robotics Navig8-E09, -E16: "The Navig8 UAV is a scalable twin shrouded-propeller VTOL UAV for operations in highly confined, structured or unstructured, environments, at low altitudes, or in close proximity to infrastructure. The UAV can be easily transformed from a VTOL to a transitional aircraft capable of flying on helicopter as well as a fixed wing aircraft for situations when the UAV need to perform at high speed and deployed from a remote location."
USAR Drone - 4Front Robotics
4 front robotics


WINGCOPTER - VTOL UAV 4 tilt-rotors

2017 - 19/19 - Wingcopter – Futur SAR - MVP base drone = hybrid drone = VTOL UAV 4 tilt rotors = Wingcopter 178: "The latest Wingcopter 178 is a robust, powerful and versatile hybrid drone made to save lives faster in emergency situations."
WINGCOPTER -The Future of Search and Rescue


16 drones quad ou octocopter
1 drone quadcopter "air - mer - sous-marin"
3 drones hybrides "tilt rotor" dont un avec rotor caréné.
1 seul projet (07/19) avec Proof Of Concept: "La Poste" en Suisse


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